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The chakras are energy vortices of our body, where energy flows constantly. Each of the seven chakras is related to an aspect of our being and influence both the physical, mental and emotional plane. That is why keeping them in perfect balance is essential and having accessories such as the bracelet 7 chakras is a benefit for our energy. In this way, the bracelet 7 chakras provides greater benefits in our energy, being a support to carry out acts such as meditation that maintain the balance of our chakras, giving us a feeling of general well-being and creating an environment of harmony, as the bracelet of the 7 chakras is a quite effective alternative because it can restore and balance the chakras to return to a state of spiritual health, emotional, mental and physical more stable, at the same time the bracelet of the 7 chakras can help maintain calm reducing stress. The beautiful Bracelet 7 Chakras is carefully made with a lot of precious minerals; among which you can find amethyst, garnet, carnelian and more. Also, you can use this beautiful figure to balance and protect your chakras from negative energies Find spiritual harmony with Quartz MX!

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Measurements: 20 cm in circumference
Minerals: amethyst, garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, seawater and sodalite
Color: multicolored
Properties: can be used to balance and protect the chakras

Quartz MX is the best mineral store in Mexico As part of an extensive mining tradition of Zacatecas, we have for you an extensive catalog of stones for protection that you will definitely love. ¡ Order now and get all the powers of stones and quartz to improve your life!

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