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This beautiful pink quartz craft is shaped like a flower whose beneficial powers could help you in your day to day. The dahlia symbolizes the use of inner strength for triumph, linked to trips and important life changes in a positive way. Help find the balance between adventure and relaxation, in its version made of rose quartz, summons the powers of this iconic mineral of love, well-being and peace.


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Pink Quartz Dahlia Size: 15 cm high, base: 9 cm, flower: 7 cm Mineral: rose quartz flower, agate leaves and citrine or amethyst base Metal: gold plated wire Color: soft pink, green, lilac or yellow Note: by nature of the product may vary slightly shades and veins. Properties: Rose quartz is a stone full of peace and unconditional love. It is responsible for purifying and healing the heart. In addition, it promotes calm and security. This quartz helps you to forgive more easily and accept yourself, because it promotes self-esteem. Agate leaves: Agate stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its cleansing effect is powerful, both physically and emotionally. Placed on the heart, it cures the emotional diseases that prevent the acceptance of love. Citrine or amethyst base: Citrine is a mineral or crystal capable of attracting happiness, abundance to the home, positive energies, and amethyst is for protection from negative energies. Note: Remember that the nature of this mineral can vary the shades and veins. The information presented here is as a spiritual guide to find what you need for your well-being.

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