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Broquel earrings are a classic and delicate accessory that you should have among your jewelry; they will never go out of fashion. They indicate good taste and delicacy, as they are simple but charming. These we made with rose quartz, mineral associated with love, calm and well-being, feature details in gold plated wire that make this accessory something very striking and durable. They are ideal for formal and casual occasions.


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Broquel Pink Quartz Earrings. Size: Between 1 cm and 1.5 cm approx. Metal: Gold plated wire Mineral: Pink quartz Color: soft pink Note: by nature the product may vary slightly shades and veins.

Pink quartz is an ideal mineral for the manufacture of feminine and delicate jewelry, thanks to its natural shades can be made beautiful accessories. It is a receptive stone, sedative and relaxing, its properties are perfect to relax and abandon all the tensions of your body and mind, carrying an accessory made of this powerful mineral can bring you calm and a sense of peace and tranquility.

These broquel earrings were made with this mineral not only for its beauty, but also to summon the powers associated with its natural properties. By wearing them, you will be enjoying its incomparable beauty and at the same time the physical and mental benefits it has for you. They were made with details in gilded plated wire to cause a braclate effect, striking and elegant. No doubt they are an accessory that you could use in a casual meal and a formal dinner, while still looking great. Note: Remember that the information presented here is a spiritual guide to find what you need for your well-being.

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