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Angel Pink Quartz small
Measurements: 6 cm high x 4 cm wide (part of the wings) approx.
Mineral: pink quartz
Color: Soft Pink
Metal: gold plated wire
Note: due to the nature of the product, shades and veins may vary slightly.
Properties: Stone of love, provides emotional balance, self-esteem, harmony for the heart.

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Pink quartz is a mineral to attract love and emotional balance; it also represents purity and attracts well-being and calm. This quartz has powers that help improve the mood of the mind and body. The angel is a symbol that represents protection, purity and the sacred, in its version in rose quartz enhances its beneficial function and acquires the powers of this emblematic mineral pinkish linked to love, well-being and calm. In this way, the rose quartz angel has the power to promote security in you and its stimulus is mental and physical, as it increases your self-esteem and your physical strength. The angels are considered as the main agents of protection, meanwhile, rose quartz is one of the most powerful minerals to promote peace and unconditional love. The powers of this figure, could help you face your day to day with greater security, acceptance and calm. We have made this craft with details in golden wire, you can place it somewhere like your office or in your bedroom to attract all these good energies. Note: Remember that the information presented here is as a spiritual guide to find what you need for your well-being. At Cuarzos.mx we care about your well-being Rose quartz angel quartz is an excellent element to attract love and balance your emotions. Purchase it now on our website.

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